What a smashing year, FWi Wreckers Yard celebrates in style

The judging criteria was defined as marks out of 10 for “humour”, “damage caused” and “pure stupidity”. And the winner, albeit by a fraction, was this howler from Stephen Butcher, West Sussex.

Stephen sent us in these shots of a McCormick MC115 after an incident involving a bird, a ditch and 25t of mushroom compost.


Stephen says the driver – who remains nameless – was doing his best to get a look at a girl in the farm office and careered into a nearby ditch. The 25t of mushroom compost following behind was sufficient to do the pictured damage.

The driver’s version of events was that a rook had flown in front of the tractor, and as he turned round to see if he had run it over he careered into the ditch, with 25t of mushroom compost following tightly behind.

Tied second

We were torn between a second and third place and after much debate, especially from those FWi boys Michael Targett and Stuart Clarke, we had to agree that tied second place would go to these two beauties.

The picture of the submerged Massey Ferguson makes us chuckle every time we look at it. The offender, Tom Rabbets, was able to see the funny side and sent us the pictures himself. Tom said he was driving round a corner too fast and a misplaced wheel pulled the whole rig into the pond.

Luckily for Tom the cab acted as a balloon, the tractor righted itself and he was able to get out just as the water drew level with his knees.

Being a laid back New Zealander, the tractor owner was not too bothered, which is startling in itself. A few of the people I’ve driven for would have made me drain the pond by drinking it!

Just how often do you get to see a combine leaning against a tree like this? It was so bizarre and obscure it had to be one of our top choices.

Admittedly, the damage factor is somewhat redundant, as this combine was being moved from a low-loader to Manners Combine junk yard in Alnwick, Northumberland, where it was to be stripped for parts.

The firm uses a 20t industrial forklift to move machines around the yard, and while in transit the tines on the steel undercarriage of the combine resulted in it shipping off and landing in this fantastic position.

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