Wider pick-up for New Holland baler wrappers

A wider pick-up with improved wind guard, a drop floor to help clear plugs of grass, and a powered film stretching mechanism on the Combi baler-wrapper are among improved features of the New Holland Roll Baler 125.

Instead of pivoting from just one end, the new drop floor opens by 120mm at the front and by 60mm at the rear, with the CropCutter slicing knives retracting at the same time.

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A tractor pulling a baler and wrapper

Enlarging the intake throat in this way helps get plugs of grass moving and an optional intake rotor clutch can be added to allow the steel bale forming rollers – which have a new 10-notch shape for added traction – to continue turning without the rotor feeding in more material.

The 1.25m x 1.25m bale making machine’s pick-up is 300mm wider than before to gather broader swaths of grass or straw, while the improved crop roller design is said to help feed-in light and heavy swaths more effectively.

New Holland’s Duckbill netting system is said to be 20% faster and can apply over-the-edge net that can now be loaded from the side with a further two rolls carried as spares.

On the Combi version, the orbital arm dispenser carries a hydraulically driven pre-stretch mechanism to provide, says New Holland, a tight and secure wrap every time and a 20% faster wrapping speed ensures baling speed is unrestricted.