WRECKERS YARD: Aussie artic finds itself in a bit of a hole

aussie artic 2

We don’t have any information on this curious incident in South Australia, but it’s fair to say that things are not going well here. 

Despite triple wheels, enough horsepower to pull as small house and a straight-looking road, it’s not clear what went wrong. Could have been one of the following, we guess:

aussie 4

(1) Driver dozed off briefly and the tractor veered across road, causing the drill and cultivator to run down the slope. They then dragged the tractor down too.

(2) Solar flare caused GPS satellites to go briefly off-line, prompting tractor autosteer system to suffer momentary wobbly and instruct tractor to turn left where it shouldn’t.

(3) Driver was attempting to dodge oncoming kangeroo/kaola bear/learner driver

Or perhaps, you have a better idea…



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