WRECKERS YARD: Bulldozing mower puts Massey Ferguson 3075 on its side

This Massey Ferguson tipped on its side as the mower is was powering stalled and grass heaped up underneath it.

MF and Mower on side

Whilst cutting grass one summer’s day last year, the conditioner on this mower stopped working suddenly. Unbeknown to Bob the driver, the grass wasn’t getting flung out of the back of the mower – instead it was piling up underneath very quickly.

Massey on Side 2

When Bob turned at the end of the field, the mower stopped against the heaped up grass causing the weight to be flung to one side.

Massey on side 3

With a tug from the farm’s digger the tractor came down easily. The conditioner was soon repaired and the mower was out cutting again.

Massey on its side

Both tractor and mower worked like a dream for the rest of the season.

Thanks to Alison Senior for sending the pictures in.

If you’ve caught any amusing machinery mishaps on camera email them to us.

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