WRECKERS YARD: Burnt out Ford 7830

Here are some pictures of Matthew Brown’s Ford 7830 after it had suffered a little bit of fire damage….

WY: Burntoutford1

The tractor is to have believed to have experienced a technical fault with the gearbox and while unloading bales, the driver noticed smoke coming from the tractor. The next time he looked round the tractor was on fire.

WY: Burntoutford2

The fire brigade arrived within 15 minutes, but by then the tractor was completely engulfed in flames and was a write-off.

WY: Burntoutford3

Thanks to Matthew Brown for sending these in. If you have managed to catch any camera evidence of farm mishaps, why not send them in, with a short explanation, to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk

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