WRECKERS YARD: Flippin’ heck it’s happened again!

The combination of a steep, slippery slope and a furrow on the border of some game cover proved too much for this 12t Richard Western silage trailer.

Trailer Tip 1

Driver Chris Soper was running along the headland of a piece of steep grassland near Newbury, Bershire. While taking a load from contractor W.F Fisher & and Son’s forager, he felt the trailer starting to slide.

“Once the tyres hit the furrow on the edge of the game cover, there was no stopping it.”

“With the help of the forager blowing grass onto the side of the trailer, over she went, leaving my New Holland TM150 precariously balanced on the trailer drawbar!”

If it’s any reconciliation, Chris, it happens to the best of us! 


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