WRECKERS YARD: Kverneland plough and slurry tanker make roadworks look easy

With grain prices as high as they are, farmers seem to be ploughing up any land available. Or could it be an ambitious attempt to shine up the plough.

Kverneland plough goes digging

These pictures show what happened when the cross bar on this Kverneland plough broke whilst going down a road in South Yorkshire leaving a trail of destruction behind.

The destruction left from the Kverneland plough.

No other damage was done to the plough apart from a bent top link and a rather big hole to fill.

Thanks to an anonymous Reading Agriculture Student for sending in the pictures.


This Star slurry tanker would put a Council jack hammer to shame.

The Star jack hammer tanker

A snapped hitch ring caused this slurry tanker to part company from the John Deere 6210 pulling it, imbedding the tanker into the road.

The Deere ran on but left the tanker bogged down with a full load of slurry.

Thanks to Stephen Rutledge for sending in the picture.

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