WRECKERS YARD: Speeding Case tractor loses control

Although you can’t actually see the tractor that caused this accident, it was a brand new Case from nearby Velcourt managed Haverholme, control towing a diesel bowser on the A15 at Aswarby near Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

WY: Case 1

This caused the bowser to overturn and finish up in a field of wheat.

WY: Case 2

The accident caused severe damage to the tractor tyre and wheel rim, but luckily Aswarby Estate and their Valtra was on hand to clean up the wreckage.

WY: Case 3

It took four men, a teleporter and a tractor to put the bowser back on its wheels, before it was towed from the field.

WY: Case 4

Further hassle was then caused when a problem with the drawbar meant that it would not come away from the tractor. Eventually the bowser was freed but the extent of the damage can be seen in the photo.

Thank you very much to Andrew Dawson for sending this in. Have you got any pictures of embarrassing machinery mishaps? Send them in to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk

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