WRECKERS YARD: Trailers fall victim to multiple wetspots and Lemken plough loses its head(stock)

Large loads, muddy fields and a heavy right foot meant the driver of this Fendt lost his trailer to a rut.

Tipped trailer 1

Apparently nothing was damaged apart from a large dent to the driver’s ego.

Tipped Trailer 2

On the same day’s compost hauling another trailer sunk up to its axles. This one took a loader to empty it and then lift it so that timber could be wedged under the wheels ready for extraction.

Unfortunately it became apparent that the damage was more than just cosmetic. In hitching an extra tractor to the front of the first to help with the original rescue attempt, an axle had been ripped away from its leaf-spring mountings.

Sunken trailer

Final entry in this batch of pictures sent in by Darren Shore from Alton in Hampshire shows a Lemken plough that decided to part company with its tractor – one turnover too many or another victim of high-horsepower?

Lemken plough

Thanks to Darren for sending these shots in. If you’ve captured any amusing machinery mishaps on camera, send them in to fwmachinery@rbi.co.uk

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