10 top tweets to kick-start #Februdairy

#Februdairy is here and with it the opportunity for dairy farmers and fans to share positive messages, pictures and videos across social media for an entire month.

The initiative was sparked by livestock sustainability consultant Dr Jude Capper and her call to arms with one tweet in mid-January, which suggested people take on 28 days of positive posts. The idea quickly gathered pace and supporters.

Here’s a list of some of the best tweets celebrating #Februdairy on day one, from Dr Capper’s initial tweet, to top professionals, farmers and teenagers, and anyone else who just loves dairy.

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1. Call to arms

We couldn’t make a #Februdairy list without including Dr Capper’s initial tweet, which has since received hundreds of retweets, comments and likes. She describes herself as a “myth-buster” and has explained that it takes five positive messages to outweigh one negative message.

2. Support dairy farmers

Haydn Garrett, a dairy farmer from north Somerset, thinks the best way to support the industry is to share examples of the good and difficult work the producers take on every day.

3. Take action

Showing the #Februdairy message has already been heard internationally, Jessica from Ontario, Canada, tweeted her advice on what to do if you spot cruelty taking place on a farm – don’t complain about it on social media, report it. That way farms that don’t cause cruelty to their animals can be supported and respected.   

4. Getting out of bed…

The British Cattle Veterinary Association wants farmers to use #Februdairy as a chance to share what gets them out of bed in the mornings – whether it’s for the love of the work or the struggles of the first milking session of the day.

5. Challenge accepted?

Somerset farmer Nick Hiscox has chosen a novel approach to #Februdairy – he has challenged vegans and non-farmers to take a look at a basic overview of his business and share their ideas for a sustainable proposal. So far three have accepted.

6. Grazing begins

Irish dairy farmer, and occasional kayaker, Peter Hynes posted a video of his herd enjoying the first graze of the year at the start of #Februdairy.

7. Where the magic happens

Jennifer Down from Cornwall has kicked off #Februdairy with a sneak peek into a working milking parlour to show those who haven’t stepped foot on a farm where the magic happens.

8. Show what we do

Waterford-based Gill O’Sullivan knows what the sector needs to improve on – a bit of showing off, marketing and showing what farmers do best!

9. Teenage support

Fleur Taylor, 13, from the north-west of England, is taking to twitter with pictures and messages telling everyone why she is proud to be a farmer and encouraging everyone to post for #Februdairy.

10. Glass of milk every morning

Scottish farm vet Dr Robson has spoken out to share her personal story. Seeking help from a nutritionist for her physically demanding job, Dr Robson was recommend dairy, and lots of it!