60% aid advance for beef producers

By FWi staff

BEEF farmers can expect to receive subsidy advances, worth 60% of the total, and other associated payments soon, MAFF has announced.

The advance on beef special premium amounts to 45.87/head for steers and 60.16 for bulls, with the first cheques going out this week.

Suckler cow premium advances, worth 61.29/head, will begin in November. A further 4.69/head to offset beef support cuts under Agenda 2000 is also due next month.

Slaughter premium advance payments are imminent. These are worth 6.39 for veal calves and 10.15 for animals over eight months old.

Agrimoney compensation, worth 7-8/head, is also due in the next few weeks.

Balancing subsidy payments should start in April 2001.

Similar arrangements are being made for producers in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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