ABN invites free milk nominations

8 August 2001

ABN invites free milk nominations

By FWi staff

FEED suppliers ABN are inviting farmers to nominate local primary schools for the chance to receive free milk for a day and win 1000 of sports equipment.

The third National School Milk Day, organised by dairy companies with the help of ABN, is being is held on October 13.

Dairy companies are organising regional nominations for up to 1000 primary schools in England and Wales to receive free milk.

Successful schools will receive project packs and information on scheme available to subsidise the cost of school milk.

ABN says many parents are not aware that there is an EU subsidy to provide primary school children with 250mls of milk each day.

And the company says that many local authorities do not offer children the opportunity to benefit from the scheme.

Over the coming weeks ABN field staff will be encouraging farmer customers to nominate their school for the chance to take part.

Earlier this year the National Farmers Union lodged a complaint with advertising watchdogs over a campaign discouraging children from drinking milk.

The NFU told the Advertising Standards Authority that animal rights activists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are out to destroy dairy farming.

PETA claims milk causes spots, wind and weight gain, excess phlegm and other physical, and far from strengthening bones, encourages osteoporosis.

ABN nomination forms are also available by email from anna.farrell@chamberlainpr.co.uk or lucy.hetherington@chamberlainpr.co.uk

The closing date for all nominations is 19 September.


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