ABS Global clones bull calf from foetus

08 August 1997

ABS Global clones bull calf from foetus

ABS Global, of Wisconsin, USA, has successfully cloned a bull calf using primordial stem cells from a 30-day old calf foetus.

The six-month-old calf has been named Gene. Now ABS is setting up a new subsidiary Infigen to commercialise the technologies. It claims its process could be an efficient way of producing large numbers of cloned cattle.

Marc vant Noordende, chief executive, said the technologies could offer great promise for improving dairy and beef products. It might be possible, for example, to produce herds of cows yielding milk with a pre-determined protein level.

Infigen will form relationships with other organisations to capitalise on the dairy cows ability to yield milk protein in much larger amounts than smaller animals such as goats or sheep.

  • The Japanese National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations has developed a new cloning technology capable of producing up to 200 replica cattle from a single fertilised egg. A cow gave birth this week using the method.

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