Actellic care advised

7 December 2001

Actellic care advised

GROWERS need to be very careful if they are thinking of substituting a knapsack spray of Actellic (pirimiphos-methyl) liquid insecticide for the now banned treatment of raking the dust formulation into the top few inches of stored grain to control pests, warns Sorexs Shirley Wilson

She says that although PSD approval for use of the dust as an admixture has gone, it may still legally be used to protect farm buildings under an HSE public health registration.

The liquid formulation Actellic 25EC also remains available for admixing with grain, provided the correct equipment is used, says Ms Wilson. "But the application rate is extremely low – 16ml in 0.75litres of water per tonne!"

It is highly questionable whether growers using knapsacks could safely apply the liquid without exceeding the label dose, she says. &#42

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