Adventures of Sundance

13 November 1998

Adventures of Sundance

the horse

THE story of Sundance is one* any pony-mad child could relate to. There is the enthusiasm for taking part in a sponsored ride to raise money for needy children in faraway lands, the hard work of trying to find sponsors, the excitement of starting the ride. But then….

As with all good tales, normality soon turns to adventure and disaster, with the need for a hero to save the day. In this case the hero is Sundance, a horse, which is not surprising as the characters in this paperback are based on Julip model horses and riders.

It is a good read for children who collect the horses and at the end of the story they can enter a competition to win a Julip gift set in a bi-monthly draw.

Good value for younger readers. TG

*Sundance saves the day, by Christine Pullein-Thompson, Cavalier Paperbacks, (£2.99).

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