Air compressors for peace of mind

29 October 1999


Its good to talk with two-way radios

WHEN it comes to talking, farming is not the most conducive of occupations for hearing the spoken word – with tractor cabs and far away fields sometimes frustrating communication.

Safe and Secure products has developed a licence-free two-way radio with an operating range of up to three miles.

Using an UHF frequency, the Microtalk 100 is designed to transmit through buildings and dense woodlands with little or no transmission interference.

Power, which is from four batteries or a rechargeable pack is claimed to be sufficient to run the radios for up to 24hrs continuous use.

Price for a pair of radios is £129.99 (0117-937-4747).

Protect concrete from silage acids

ACIDIC silage effluent and concrete are not the best of partners when it comes to keeping the clamp in tip-top condition.

Tecroc Products has developed a compound which can be applied to concrete surfaces on silos, bund walls, pits and bunkers to provide protection against corrosive silage effluent.

Known as TeeCote LVM, the non-toxic compound is applied using a roller, brush or airless spray and is claimed to be touch-dry in one hour.

The compound is designed to dry to a tough stain-resistant finish and be capable of bridging any small gaps in the concrete. (01827-711755).

Air compressors for peace of mind

AIR compressors – and their reliability – take on a greater importance at this time of the year as more time is spent in the workshop for machine maintenance and resprays. Ecoair has now introduced a range of small portable compressors powered by 1.5 to 3kW electric motors.

As reciprocating belt-driven models, the Ecomaster range features one-stage compression for pressures up to 9.0 bar and cast iron components which are claimed to offer increased durability.

The compressors use a synthetic lubricant which is designed to reduce operating temperatures and extend overall machine life. (0181-741-9828).

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