Analysis is urged for Abbot wheat

11 December 1998

Analysis is urged for Abbot wheat

ABBOT milling wheat growers are being urged to provide grain samples for independent analysis in a bid to pinpoint the cause of its poor breadmaking performance this autumn.

Breeder PBI Cambridge has commissioned Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association to investigate protein quality, ease of processing and its performance in commercial breadmaking and wheat and flour quality tests. Results are expected by late January.

It is accepted that varietal performance will vary from year to year, but we have been very concerned to hear of poor baking performance from Abbot this autumn, after it has performed consistently to Group 1 standards for the last four year, explains PBIs Cereals Marketing Manager Sean Gardener.

&#8226 Growers able to help should contact CCFRAs Sue Salmon on 01386 842033.

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