Animal Rebellion plots major disruption to UK dairy supply

Animal Rebellion is plotting major disruption to the UK dairy sector this September as the vegan activists step up their campaign against the livestock industry.

The group is seeking to mobilise 500 people to shut down the supply of milk and dairy products to UK supermarkets, as part of ongoing efforts to promote plant-based food and eradicate animal farming.

Daniel Kidby, co-founder of Animal Rebellion, said: “For a one- to two-week period there will be no milk on the supermarket shelves. This has never been done before in the UK or around the world, that we know of.”

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Animal Rebellion suggests activists should mimic tactics used by farmers in the past to protest against low milk prices, by blocking distribution centres and filling supermarket trollies with milk to prevent customers from buying it.

An Animal Rebellion briefing document including details of the September action – referred to as “phase two” – says: “We know that some people do not want to or can’t climb things to get at height, so a key part of the action design will be providing two streams of more agile options and more ‘bums on the ground’ options, so that everyone has a place in contributing to the overall goal.”

The group says a combination of a plant-based society and mass rewilding is the best solution to the climate crisis.

Industry reaction

An AHDB spokesperson said: “Representatives from across the industry have met to discuss the issue and are considering how to support farmer and processors in the event of any disruption.”

Paul Savage, agricultural director for Arla UK, said the safety of its farmers was the highest priority.

“While we have no indication at this time that farms are being targeted directly by these activists, we continue to monitor any risks, to be as prepared as possible,” he said.

“As a farmer-owned co-operative, we also continue to share on our internal farmer channels some guidance and advice for our farmers on how to act, prepare and respond, in case they come into contact with activists on-farm.”

In August last year about 50 activists from Animal Rebellion blockaded Arla’s milk processing and distribution centre in Buckinghamshire, which is the UK’s largest dairy factory.

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