Animal rights mob wreak farm havoc

27 March 1998

Animal rights mob wreak farm havoc

MORE than 200 animal rights protesters arrived on a farm in Lydden near Dover last Friday smashing windows and making off with two new-born lambs, which they later dropped into a hedge near the road.

The farms working dog was also taken and is still missing.

Trevor Head, who runs sheep on the farm, also runs a live export business. He
says he has had 11 windows smashed at his home over the past two months by the protesters.

“It is very upsetting,” says Mr Head, who is busy lambing at the moment with his wife and son. “But you cant let them win.”

“First they say they want a change in the way animals are transported and the
length of time they can travel. Now that is in place, but not surprisingly they
want more. They want me out of business, but I am operating a legal trade,” he

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