Another poster to highlight big March

6 September 2002

Another poster to highlight big March

WITH the clock ticking to the Liberty and Livelihood March on September 22, FW is this week providing the second of three posters for anyone supporting the event.

We hope youll pin them up somewhere prominent in the run-up to the event and then, if youre attending, put it on a placard and take it to London.

The first poster, free last week, featured the simple message Back our Farmers, Mr Blair. Todays has another key message: Save our rural jobs, Mr Blair. And, on next weeks inside back cover, the poster will say, simply: Hands off hunting, Mr Blair.

The posters show the range of issues about which people in the countryside are concerned. So, whether youre worried about the state of farming, the disappearance of rural jobs or believe you should be allowed to make your own mind up about field sports, then pin up a poster today.

Theres no better way to show your support for the Countryside March and all the marchers.

Fancy a tenner?

farmers weekly can put £10 in your pocket if you are photographed carrying one of our protest posters at the Liberty and Livelihood March in London on Sun, Sept 22.

Our photographers and journalists will be on the March looking for people carrying posters. If your photograph is published in our News or Farmlife Sections, contact us and we will send you £10 for every person in your party pictured.

So, carry your protest poster with pride. Its a great way of letting Britain and the world know how rural people feel about the treatment meted out by the government. And if we use your photograph, contact us to claim your tenner.

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