Anti-hunt campaigners form splinter group

26 October 1998

Anti-hunt campaigners form splinter group

ANTI-HUNT campaigners disillusioned with the speed of their campaign for a Government ban on hunting have formed a breakaway group.

Disaffected hardline members of the League Against Cruel Sports are to form a splinter group over the organisations refusal to “rock the boat with Government”.

About 40 activists headed by the former chief officer John Bryant have turned their backs on the league following a failed bid to secure seats on the policy-making executive committee at the annual meeting.

Mr Bryant said the new group would carry out the traditional work of the league by filming hunts to “show the public just what happens”, but would not resort to sabotage.

Paul Latham, of the Countryside Alliance, said news of a split among the ranks of the anti-hunt lobby was “good news for hunting”.

  • The Daily Telegraph 26/10/98 page 5
  • The Guardian 26/10/98 page 6

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