Any unused tools?

16 August 2002

Any unused tools?

WASTE recycling has taken on a new twist – a Cumbria-based charity is refurbishing old hand tools and donating them as kits to village craftsmen in developing countries.

Tools for Reliance (Carlisle) says there are literally millions of tools lying unused in sheds and workshops which have, in the main, been replaced by modern power tools.

With its headquarters at the Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James Street, a group of volunteers spends two or more days a week refurbishing donated tools. Once a sufficient number has been prepared, the tools are crated up and transported to recipient developing countries.

A grant from the Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust enables the group to buy refurbishment materials such as wire wool, grindstones, files, oil and paint.

Since the inauguration of the charity, 120 kits have been sent to carpenters, builders, blacksmiths and other trades in Africa in the hope that they can be used to promote rural industries.

More information on this project can be obtained from Bill Mitchell on 01228-529369. &#42

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