Anyone seen my Noah?

25 July 1997

Anyone seen my Noah?

For two years now I have been looking for my farm dog Noah. He is a working sheepdog and bolted in a freak thunderstorm.

I have spent over £3000 in advertising and have run a military campaign with walkie-talkies, telephones, binoculars, telescopes, etc, from 5.30am until 11pm. I have written to all the farmers in my area.

I take the local dog training classes and Noah was my demonstration dog, obedience dog and farm dog. The bond we had was very special. Everyone here misses him, particularly the llamas and alpacas.

When Noah bolted his name tag dropped off so whoever has him will think he is a stray. In two years I have had only one day off from looking for him. The evening of last Christmas day was spent sitting in a field absolutely freezing, because we were trying to catch a dog fitting Noahs description. It wasnt Noah.

I have stayed out all night because a farmer in Staffordshire thought he was living with foxes, and I have even put scent cloths down to the canal to help him find his way home, but without any success.

I feel very weary looking for my pal, but will never stop. I need to have news of him, good or bad.

Barbara McGarry

Overlands, Cherry Lane, Congleton, Cheshire.

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