Apex delayed and variable

24 July 2001

Apex delayed and variable

DAVID STEED at Spratling Court Farm at Manston, Kent, has combined 16ha (40 acres) of Apex oilseed rape in the last two days.

This is roughly half the area of oilseed rape on the farm. The start of harvest was delayed a couple of days so that the last seeds ripened.

The consistency of the crop is varied. “Ill count myself lucky if it yields at 25=cwt/acre (3t/ha), although some areas are better and some are thinner,” he said.

“The good areas may yield between 26-28cwt/acre (3.253.5t/ha).”

The moisture has been at 8%, but he fears he may have to wait a couple of days for the straw to dry out on the thinner areas.

The farm is on chalkland. There is likely to be a substantial wait for the wheat to be fit.

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