April milk production down on 2000

By FWi staff

MILK production during the first month of the new milk year totalled 1.165 billion butterfat-adjusted litres, according to provisional figures released by the Intervention Board.

This is 22m litres below the April 2000 figure, which itself was nearly 46m litres under profile.

Although there are no profile figures available for this milk year, comparing production with the 2000/01 profile suggests that the deficit during April could be more than 68m litres.

“Foot-and-mouth slaughter has had a significant effect on the national herd and hence production,” says Jonathan Smith of BK National Quota Exchange.

“This has been exacerbated by producers having to keep cows indoors when under normal conditions most would be turned out.”

Mr Smith reckons it is doubtful the UK will make quota this milk year.

“But the current shortage of milk is likely to maintain milk prices, encouraging farmers to produce more. And with good quality silage the industry should be fully recovered by next year.”

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