Archive Article: 1997/07/18

18 July 1997

Bi-cropping of forages and kale – changing the landscape in Devon and providing a useful feed for dairy cows, according to the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, North Wyke. IGERs Nigel Young cites increased intakes from kale/barley bi-crop silage over grass silage alone – and the result is over an extra litre of milk a day. As distinct from kale alone, the bi-crop can be stored easily in a conventional clamp at about 30% DM, and has the added advantage of starch from the cereal part of the crop.

This year kale, rape or peas are being grown with either wheat, barley or oats as part of a Milk Development Council-funded project at IGER North Wyke. An open day to view the crops is being held on July 24.

&#8226 For details of the open day phone (01837-82558), extension 132.

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