Archive Article: 1997/08/01

1 August 1997


Supreme individual R J Wyllies British Charolais bull Brailles Jerome; res, W J & M Mashs British Limousin cow Himalaya.

Supreme pairs Welsh Blacks; res, Limousins.

Team of five Charolais; res, Limousins.

Aberdeen-Angus R Lanes bull Royal Westerner; res, Glympton Farms Ltds cow Castle of Mey Etrilla 15.

Belgian Blue G Bakers male Etourdi Du Stordeur; res, M Gardners female Ridgedean Kosher.

Blonde dAquitaine J R Lloyds Romer Gabriella; res, Mr & Mrs D M Davies bull Fronfedw Illtud.

British Charolais R J Wyllies bull Brailles Jerome; res, J S Howells Midlock Larnaca.

British White Delamore Farms Ltds bull Leverington Prospect; res, Rotac Farms bull Woodbastwick Barachas.

Commercial beef D M Whinneys heifer Miss Dimple; res, S E Sellers heifer Misty Blue.

Hereford R A Bradstocks bull Free Town Maximus; res, D E Jones bull Costhorpe 1 Manhatten.

Limousin W J & M Mashs cow Himalaya; res, Mssrs D W, J E & F Oakley & Cormacks heifer Sundale Lovely.

Longhorn P & J Evans heifer Linton Sonia; res, F Suttons heifer Glaven Kascade.

Salers C D Carrs male Mosstock Intouch; res, A W & S E Hughes female Woodvine Duchess.

Simmental R Lunness cow Brinkton Melody; res, E & S A Roberts heifer Wyeland Frith.

South Devon W &#42 D Scotts bull Grove Charlemagne 5th; res, C G & J F Phillips heifer Et Asdig Dolly 3rd.

Welsh Black M & N Ellis bull Neuadd Dafydd Ddu; res, E Jones heifer Graig Goch Marian.


Supreme individual R A, J E Williams & Sons Holstein Friesian cow Glenridge Raider Cinema; res, E J Wynes Jersey cow Cherrybrook Picassos Goldie.

Supreme pair Holstein Friesian; res, British Holstein.

Team of five Holstein Friesian; res, British Friesian.

Ayrshire C Windows cow Hunnington Sailor Girl; res, J & R Jones cow Hayford White Pansy.

British Holstein G P Jones cow Frizers Starbuck Arlene; res, E M & E Morgans cow Erie Mark Anthony Angel.

Dairy Shorthorn Mr & Mrs J E & S B E Willis heifer Greystones Joy; res, S V B & E A Thomas cow Drisgol Furbelow.

Guernsey Lt Col & Mrs &#42 C Watsons cow Shalford 1 Anna; res G & R A Rowlands cow Brynllys Allstar Sunset.

Holstein Freisian R A & J E Williams & Sons cow Glenridge Raider Cinema; res, B C, P A & M C Morgans cow Cedcott Jet Eileen.

Jersey E J Wynnes cow Cherrybrook Picassos Goldie 2nd; rens, M R & M Randersons cow Clovers Zebre Sapphire.


Champion of champions Condell & Evans Suffolk ewe; res, R & R Powells Kerry Hill ram.

Supreme pair British Rouge De LOuest; res, Suffolk.

Group of three North Country Cheviots; res, Suffolks.

Badger Faced Welsh Mountain K A & J P M Gethins ram; res, T G Kings ram lamb.

Balwen Welsh Mountain The Governor, HMP Prescoed Camps ram; res, C O Prices shearling ewe.

Beltex J McIlwraiths ram; res D Bishops ram.

Beulah Speckled Face Mr & Mrs Ronald Jones ram; res, Mr & Mrs Ronald Jones pair of ewes.

Black Welsh Mountain P Laws shearling ram; res, Mr & Mrs R Wises pair of lambs.

Bluefaced Leicester M C & J A Roberts ewe; res, M C & J A Roberts ram.

Border Leicester P M & N J Browns shearling ram; res, Mr & Mrs D R & E A Jones ewe.

Brecknock Hill Cheviot D &#42 Morgans ram; res, D &#42 Morgans shearling ewe.

British Berrichon du Cher M C & K D Yeos ram; res, D Griffiths ewe.

British Bleu du Maine D R Langleys shearling ewe; res, G B Shanks ram.

British Rouge de LOuest D R Janes ewe; res, S J Wrights ewe.

British Texel Ballaglonney Ltds ram; res W O & P E Reeds ewe.

British Vendeen P K Smylys ewe; res, J Coviellos ram.

Charmoise D & G Mouldens male; res, D & G Mouldens female.

Clun Forest I T Davies & Sons ram; res, R W Francis & Sons shearling ewe.

Derbyshire Gritstone W &#42 Williams & Sons ram; res, T Chapple-Gills ewe.

Devon Closewool R W Kingdons shearling ram; res, R J & P Burges shearling ewe.

Dorset Down J Osborne & Sons ram; res, J M Wards pair of ewes.

Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset R Holes ewe; res, G J & K B Butlers ram.

Exmoor Horn C T Ridds shearling ewe; res, P D Lyles ram.

Hampshire Down &#42 J W Knight & Sons shearling ram; res, M Adams pair of ram lambs.

Hill Radnor D C Jones ram; res, D C Jones shearling ewe.

Ile de France J E & M C Freemans ram lamb; res, C Thompsons ewe.

Jacob W F Fosters shearling ewe; res, L Jones ram.

Kerry Hill R & R Powells ram; res, Y Kershaws shearling ram.

Llanwenog &#42 Evans ram; res, &#42 Evans ram.

Lleyn T Hughes ewe lamb; res, G &#42 Jones ewe.

North Country Cheviot D Pittendreighs ewe; res, J &#42 Williams ram.

Oxford Down Mr & Mrs G C & C J Watson & Grains shearling ewe; res, R D Williams shearling ram.

Ryeland G & G M Parrys shearling ram; res, G & A Bishops ewe.

Shropshire D & C E Dorrells ram; res, J &#42 Bowles & Partners ewe.

Southdown S Pond; res, S Pond.

South Wales Mountain W L Williams shearling ram; res, D J Hughes pair of ewes.

Suffolk Condell & Evans ewe; res, &#42 W Francis & Sons ewe.

Welsh Halfbred R & R Powells pair of ewes; res, R & R Powells Pair of shearling ewes.

Welsh Hill Speckled Face E Watkins ram; res, &#42 & S Watkins ewe lamb.

Welsh Mountain (Hill Flock) T E Jones pair of ewes; res, &#42 W Jones ram.

Welsh Mountain (Pedigree section) E Pierces ram; res, I M Jones ram.

Welsh Mule R & R Powells pair of shearling ewes; res R A Georges pair of ewes.

Wiltshire Horn B Thomas & Sons shearling ewe; res, J Findons ram.

Butchers prime lamb competition &#42 Owens pair of lambs; res, Davies Bros pair of lambs.

Lamb carcass competition G Davies; res, D Bishop.


Welsh Pigs T &#42 Evans & Sons pig Goldfoot Lucky Girl 1139th; res, D Esmor Owens sow Penderi Model 9th.

Any other white P M Fowlies gilt Braemor Maple; res, P M Fowlies boar Braemor King David.

Any coloured breed J Harveys gilt Cilgerddan Silver Wings 88th; res, P M Fowlies gilt Braemor Guardsman. &#42

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