Archive Article: 1998/02/20

20 February 1998

Notable quotes:

"I wonder if hill farms like ours are going to be here in 60 years. I hope they are so people can see and share some of the wonderful things I have seen and helped."

Kit Kidner (13)

Manaton, Devon.

"Houseworks for mum. I would sooner bottle feed lambs or exercise the dogs."

Katrina Parkin

Berrynarbor, North Devon.

"I like having our own secret island at the bottom of the garden and a warm log fire in the house."

Philippa Anne Brunt

Terrick, Bucks. (9)

"Working with family, you find yourself getting teased a lot about incidents involving gate posts etc."

Sarah Nutland (16)

North Newnton, Wilts.

"French lessons are the worst, trying to explain to the teacher, what animals you have… 500 turkeys?"

Natasha, Frances, Naomi and Jessica Hull

Cotton, Suffolk.

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