Archive Article: 2000/08/04

4 August 2000

Regina yielded 8.1t/ha (3.3t/acre) off thin sand at North Runcton, near Kings Lynn on J Goodley & Sons Aylmer Hall. "I am pleased with that," says Velcourt manager Andrew Lenson. But elsewhere barley is more mediocre.


WITH some barleys not yet ripe and oilseed rapes only just ready by Tuesday, traders report quality and output are extremely variable.

A few wheats, mainly Soissons, have been cut for early premiums, but main crop is two weeks away. With significant fusarium there is concern over unsettled weather.

Winter oats have been mainly thin, one sample at 45kg/hl, but better is expected.

Cornwall Farmers report barley at 2.5-7.5t/ha (1-3t/acre) with specific weights 55-70kg/hl but at least a quarter of West Cornwalls barley unripe.

Farmer/contractor Howard Emmett estimates barleys average only "a good two ton" with oilseed rape down to 1t/ha (8cwt/acre).

"Barley specific weights are better than last years and yields about average," says Devon Grains Duncan Lyons. "Some oilseed rapes were cut early at up to 20% moisture because of forecast thunderstorms. Yields are about average."

In Somerset Jeremy Walkers best barley was over 7.5t/ha (3t/acre) at 12.2% moisture and 71kg/hl before thunderstorms. Oilseed rape was 12% moisture but he hoped for drier.

Most winter barleys have been done except in the hills.

Farmer/contractor Tony Higgins had only 2.5mm (0.1in) of rain in three weeks. But with barley and rape cleared he was waiting for wheats.

In south Dorset the Hyde family, three-quarters through winter barley dry at a disappointing 5t/ha (2t/acre), left to concentrate on herbage seed.

Wessex Grain reports most barleys cleared with yields 5-7.5 t/ha (2-3t/acre). Only a few rape samples were in, but very clean with moistures 9-12% and oils 42% plus.

&#8226 Barley & rape v variable.

&#8226 Fusarium concern in wheat.

&#8226 Oats & herbage seed begun.

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