Archive Article: 2001/06/22

22 June 2001

FARMERS WEEKLY wants to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated money and given help and support to those in need following the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

Money contributed to the emergency funds is throwing a lifeline to many families. Every penny really does make a difference. People have also rallied round to support farmers with acts of kindness, offers of support and resources.

Frank and Anne Rolinson raised £1000 for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Ins-titution by organising a charity dinner with a difference – it was a "virtual" event. Such a gathering didnt run the risk of spreading foot-and-mouth, say the Rolinsons. Single, double and table tickets were sold for the event. The couple, who live at Hepworth, Norfolk, say the idea was based on similar events held in Australia to raise money for fire and flood victims.

Jazz promoter and producer Héloise Osborne sent £10 to the RABI. "I am not remotely involved in anything rural but I, along with probably millions of other people throughout the UK, feel desperately sorry for the farmers who are having to cope with this dreadful disease and all its consequences," says Héloise.

Judy Finch of Bridgend, Mid-Glamorgan, gave £30 to RABI. "I wish I could make it more," she says. "I am a towny – need pavements and street lights and know I couldnt survive in the country. However, Ive spent many breaks in the British countryside and feel our recent governments have tied our farmers in red tape and not listened to them."

* Have you or someone you know put your hand in your pocket or acted in response to the current crisis? If so, let us know. Call 0208 652-4928 or e-mail

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