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16 November 2001

cultivation events which produced working demonstrations of a range of cultivation kit.

But well before any of these shows kicked off, Dowdeswell made the front pages in late January by announcing an intention to relinquish its production plant in Harleston, Norfolk.

Two months later in April, the company – which was the largest UK manufacturer of tillage implements – decided to stop producing ploughs, presses and tine and disc cultivators.

In stark contrast, Kuhns 1998 acquisition of Nodet earlier in the year resulted in its first major drill development in the form of the Integra which is available in 3m and 4m working widths.

Kuhn says the development of a fluted roller system with a micrometric seed distribution system gives the drill greater sowing accuracy.

Another lady in red introduced at that time was Kvernelands Accord MSC high speed drill which can be equipped with different cultivator components to suit various working conditions.

Kuhn came up trumps again at the Sima event with the first public showing of its range of pneumatic minimum cultivator drills in 3m, 4m and 6m builds.

The company presented the Fastliner range which it says has a modular construction to allow different permutations of cultivation units to be used.

In July Lemken brought out a selection of cultivation kit which included new Solitair drills, trailed or mounted Quartz combination drills and its Vari-Diamant semi mounted plough.

The Solitair pneumatic drill is considered to be a direct competitor to Vaderstad and Horsch drills and can be had in 8m, 9m, 10m and 12m widths.

On the primary tillage front, the Vari-Diamant plough comes in five to nine versions and is engineered to work in and out of the furrow.

Polishing of this years steady stream of cultivation and drill equipment introductions was the Tillage Event which produced an array of kit.

Amazones entry at the event was the companys Centaur cultivator which, in 5m, 6m and 7.5m widths, the implement employs eight packer wheels at the front that precede four rows of spring tines.

The combination is completed by two rows of scalloped and angle adjustable levelling discs and a wedge wing press roller.

Grassland equipment

Last year it was the baler/wrapper combinations which created a stir amongst the industry with five manufacturers offering such outfits.

This year, the challenge to bale and wrap bales at the lowest cost and achieve the best quality silage could have reached another landmark.

Latest development from Kverneland in October was the companys Taarup Bale In One (Bio) – a machine comprising a round baler and integral wrapping unit which applies film inside the chamber.

Not a completely new idea – Tanco also has a machine – the outfit is claimed to offer considerable cost savings when compared with conventional baling and wrapping techniques.

With workrates up to 45 bales/hour, Kverneland says the BIO can almost match the outputs of conventional bale/wrapper combinations.

On the forage harvesting side, Krone used the end of September to reveal what it considers to be the worlds most powerful self propelled forager – the mighty Big X.

The launch marked the German manufacturers entrance into the self propelled forager scetor.

The powerhouse for the Big X is an awesome 780hp V-12 Mercedes block, while 700hp or 605hp engines are available for more modest harvesting needs.

Satisfying the Big Xs massive appetite also led Krone to introduce a range of trailed and mounted EasyCut mowers and Swadro rakes in widths up to 6.2m.

Another company that introduced a new selection of mowers, rakes and tedders was Kuhn.

The manufacturer topped out its mounted disc mower range with the 3.11m GMD 802, while extending its trailed mower conditioner range with the arrival of the FC 303 GC and FC 353 GC.

On the rakes and tedders side, new models for Kuhn included the GA 6501 rotor rake in adjustable working widths from 5.4m to 6.4m – and 7.6m Gyrotedder that joins the companys 5.4m to 10.6m tedder range.

Kverneland Taarup Bale in One.

Polaris ATV with limited slip.

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