Ask for help – well get it

13 March 2001

Ask for help – well get it

COPY of a message sent to NFU; no response looked-for from farmers, but I thought you would like to see:

Dear Sirs

We are constantly asked to contribute to the disasters that occur around the globe: famine, flood and so on; these are of course very serious and worthy of our support.

What of our disaster, the UK agricultural industry and the families that manage it!

Foot-and-mouth is yet another major threat, not only the industry but to the livelihood of families. The grief and torment of many resulting in the too often taking of ones own life.

By European law the government may be shackled when it comes to help, however I would like to see a method by which the caring public can show their feelings by means of contribution, a fund set up to help those most in need.

This would have to be run by a trustworthy organisation such as the NFU. It needs to be done NOW and publicised NOW.

I am not a farmer; but I have farming in my heart and feel very strongly that the farming community need to be told of the great support they have from a vast sector of the non-farming community.

The politicians and press have had their say over the past 10 years; now it is time for the public to support their community and help save Britains agriculture for all our sakes.

Yours in hope for a happy future of good food for our children.
Mark Antonelli ~ Cheshire

PS ~ Do not wait until the foot-and-mouth danger is over, as this would be less effective. The key word is NOW!

Mark Antonelli, Cheshire

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