Assurance schemes to look into link

16 June 1999

Assurance schemes to look into link

By FWi staff

THE Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS) and the Assured Produce Scheme (APS) are to investigate the practicalities of a single verification, they announced today.

Fifty members of both schemes, growing cereals in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire, will take part in pilot trials starting next month.

The aim of the trials is to assess the overall feasibility of joint schemes verification, including the overlap of technical and legal issues, and to view members attitudes to a single farm audit.

Farm assurance has often been accused of unnecessary re-visits, said ACCS chairman Jonathan Tipples.

“This is an important step for ACCS and APS. We will be accused of being railroaded into, it but that is not true.”

Mr Tipples said that the two groups had been working hard to bring the two schemes together for some time in a move to reduce members workload and costs.

“While we have already conducted pre-trial assessment of areas of overlap and difference between the two schemes, these trial audits will give us the definite information we need to progress further forward,” said Mr Tipples.

The pilot audits will be completed by September, after which ACCS and APS will issue their findings in full.

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