ATVpatch spraying

17 July 1998

ATVpatch spraying

AS ATVs become more powerful, so the range of attachments designed for them gets larger and more suited to operations such as patch spraying. This was illustrated by the range of rack-mounted sprayers introduced by ATV Direct.

Capacities range from 53 litres for the smallest economy model to 95 litres for the AG de luxe version. All are powered by a 7.5 litre (3gal)/min electric pumps drawing liquid from a sump in the tank – a design feature intended to ensure the pump does not run dry on sidling ground and inclines.

Standard specification also includes non-drip check valves in the nozzles, pressure control valve and return agitation.

AG de luxe ATV rack sprayer from ATV Direct comes with a 4.9m boom and 7.8cm hand lance with 4.6m of spray hose. Price £599.

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