Auction action may still happen

By FWi staff

FURTHER developments on auction markets this year have not been ruled out by the Livestock Auctioneers Association.

Peter Kingwill, head of the organisation, says he will be trying to get clarity on the conditions needed for on-farm sales and live animal sales from Defra at future stakeholders meetings.

“Live sales havent been ruled out for this year, but they are a long way from resuming,” he says.

It is not known whether markets in England and Wales will follow Scotlands lead, which although welcome, appears heavy-handed in parts, says Mr Kingwill.

A spokesman for Aberdeen and Northern Marts says: “Some people are sticking with video sales, but our customers seem to be moving back to live sales now.”

ANM hopes the swing back to live markets will continue and that once the 72-hour break between markets is reduced, it can fit in a prime cattle and sheep sale too.


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