Auction plight problem for hilland marginal land farmers

05 June 1998

Auction plight problem for hill
and marginal land farmers

THE closing down of livestock markets such as Banbury is threatening the ability of hill and marginal land farmers to sell store and young breeding stock.

A pricing system for finishers, including those who sell dead weight, which more honestly reflects supply and demand is also at stake.

There are four main routes for store and breeding stock – north to south, high to low, west to east and wet to dry. The Scotsman says that unless there is a reversal and fodder is moved to the stock instead of stock to the fodder, the problem will continue.

There are concerns that the network of auction links could break down because of profits from store and breeding sales are not large enough to make up for regular losses in the prime stock ring. An increasing number of auction companies are moving into the red.

  • The Scotsman 05/06/98 page 30

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