Auto steerings on right path

24 March 2000

Auto steerings on right path

EVER wanted to put the tractor in cruise control and let technology do the steering for you?

Hants-based Trimble may have the answer with its latest automatic GPS tractor steering system.

Mainly for high hp machines, AgGPS Autopilot connects to the hydraulic power steering system and automatically steers the tractor in a straight line for operations such as cultivating and drilling.

The system works using Trimbles AgGPS navigation controller, together with 214 GPS receiver, in-cab terminal, lightbar and AgGPS70 remote display and logger.

Working with GPS field maps generated by the AgGPS70, the system uses the lightbar to guide the tractor to the start of each bout.

Here, the operator engages the AgGPS Autopilot, which takes over the steering down the field.

Trimble claims the system is particularly suitable for planting high value root crops such as carrots and sugar beet where there is the need to keep drilling straight to avoid overlaps and gaps.

The AgGPS Autopilot system also includes a safety feature to disengage the steering for manual operation should it be required and end-of-row and operator alert alarms. &#42

Trimbles AgGPS 70 and 170 GPS controllers can be worked with a lightbar to form the AgGPS Autopilot steering system.

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