Average spud price soars on increased demand

By FWi staff

THE average potato price has soared as buyers busy themselves seeking out better-quality supplies.

The weekly ex-farm average price gained £8.09 to end the week at £103.61/ tonne, according to British Potato Council statistics. This compares with £57.11/ tonne last year and £133.29/ tonne in 1996.

Markets are firming and ambient stores are emptying fast, reports Rob Burrow, BPC information manager. Quality stocks are becoming rarer and interest in average material is picking up.

The overall price gap has narrowed to £35-270/ tonne. Poorest stocks are fetching £40-50/ tonne, with average supplies making £70-110/ tonne. Grade One crops can be expected to command up £120-200/ tonne, with King Edward making £250/ tonne and Piper £270/ tonne.

Meanwhile, the fresh arrival of Cornish new-crop potatoes in London this morning met a slow but steady trade. Prices averaged 38-40p/lb but there was very little carry-over at the end of trading.

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