Back British Farming: Take the NFU quiz on food production

How much do you think you really know about British food production?

Ahead of this year’s annual Back British Farming Day, the NFU has compiled a brainteaser quiz.

Did you know it takes 8 litres of “tap” water to produce 1 litre of milk, but it takes 158 litres of “tap” water to produce one litre of almond milk?

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Take the NFU’s quiz to learn more foodie facts, get your family and friends to join in too and find out what your Back British Farming supporter score is. 

All through the year, the NFU asks members, MPs and the public to show their support for British farming.

Back British Farming Day on 14 September is a chance to celebrate all the great things about our industry. This September will see the seventh annual Back British Farming Day.

As in previous years, the union will be asking MPs to wear iconic wheatsheaf lapel pin badges to show their support for British farming.

Show your pride

This year, the NFU will be providing members with a laminated sign printed with the words “British farmers = ” and a pen so that they can complete the sentence. Members should write whatever makes you proud to be a British farmer.

It could be as simple as “British farmers = tasty food on your plate”. Or “British farmers = high animal welfare standards.” Or even “British farmers = care for our countryside!”

Members are also being urged to post a picture or video of themselves holding up their signs with the message on social media, including the #BackBritishFarmingDay hashtag.

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