Banner campaign to boost tractor logo

15 August 2000

Banner campaign to boost tractor logo

By FWi staff

THE red tractor logo which signifies the British Farm Standard is to appear by the side of roads and motorways on three-metre wide banners.

More than 200 banners displaying the red tractor logo have been distributed by the National Farmers Union for erection on suitable roadside sites.

The most prominent sign will be seen by thousands of commuters. It will be over the M40 close to Banbury on the farm of Oxfordshire producer Bob Pick.

NFU deputy president Tim Bennett said: “Farmers are in the unique situation of having prominent advertising space in their backyards at their disposal.”

However, the issue of billboards in the countryside is becoming more controversial with conservation groups objecting to roadside advertising.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has warned that the countryside will be blighted if rules governing billboard advertising are relaxed.

The CPRE fears that rural views could be spoiled by a surge in the number of billboards if the Department of Environment changes existing regulations.

Under current regulations a council can declare any site an “Area of Special Control Advertising” and restrict the number of billboard sites.

But proposals would see advertising controlled only in national parks, Areas of Outstanding Beauty, conservation areas and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Conservative environment spokesman Tim Lough, said: “Councils should retain their current powers to protect the visual environment in the countryside.”

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