10 April 1998


Other barometer growers plan to be more adventurous with the new fungicides.

&#8226 Midlands: Steven McKendrick intends to use one of BASFs latest products, Landmark (kresoxim-methyl + epoxiconazole), on 48ha (120 acres). "We shall use it mainly on the heavy land where we should get a pay back. But I am also going to try it on some lighter ground just to see if there is any difference." Main current concern is eyespot, prochloraz having been added to the first chlormequat split at stem elongation (GS30), he reports. "There is a lot of stem browning about and we have had some tests done which show some R strain about. With early drilling and the mild autumn I just feel it is going to be an eyespot year."

&#8226 South: Patrick Godwin plans a good examination of the new materials potential. "I expect to do about 40ha out of 104 split between varieties to spot any differences in response." He reports no problems in obtaining either Amistar or Mantra (kresoxim-methyl + epoxiconazole + fenpropimorph). At the rate he will be using them each application will cost about £12/ha (£5/acre) more than his conventional chemistry. "But I reckon we will get that back and some."

&#8226 South-west: Stewart Hayllor has managed to get only enough Amistar to treat one barley field. "Up to a point I am disappointed because I would have liked to have tried some on the wheats, but it doesnt look as though we shall get any more." The 9ha (23 acres) of Muscat had a 0.6/0.3litres/ha strob/Opus mix all over. Harvesting difficulties on the hilly land rules out detailed treatment comparisons, he notes. "But I wanted to see the results before I use too much."

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