Barrier keeps thieves at bay

17 January 1997

Barrier keeps thieves at bay

"WHY let the vandals on the property in the first place?"

That is the argument extolled to farmers by London-based Gulfdrive – a firm which markets a security barrier designed to keep would-be thieves out of farmyards.

The security barrier comprises a 200mmx200mmx9mm (8inx8in x2/3in) box section cross-piece and post uprights of similar dimensions. The uprights are concreted at least 1.8m (6ft) into the ground.

To secure the barrier, a hydraulically-operated pin fits over a 50mm (2in) eye, which is welded into the locking post. That, along with the heavy overall construction, means illegal access is only possible if the vandals come equipped with oxyacetylene cutting gear, Gulfdrive claims.

Barrier control is by push buttons, which can be remotely sited if deemed necessary, and the system is priced at £8500.n

Put a push-button controlled barrier in the way to stop farm vandalism.

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