Bear power at the pto…

19 May 2000

Bear power at the pto…

NEED a vehicle capable of operating the most demanding of pto powered machinery? Then the Doppstadt Grizzly might be worth considering.

Marketed in the UK by BassAgri, the Grizzly has been designed to be operated in both directions – the seat and steering wheel rotate through 180 degrees to accommodate – but it is in what many would consider to be reverse mode that its real use can be exploited.

For it is here where a forage harvester, mower or countless other pto powered kit can be attached and operated.

Power is provided by a 320hp DAF engine driving through a 4-speed hydrostatic transmission. Like a combine, travel speed is infinitely variable without changing engine speed, or pto output.

And it is the machines pto drive which is perhaps one of the Grizzlys more interesting features. From the engine tailshaft a pulley with ten Vee-belts drives down to the pto shaft in a 2.1:1 ratio – its as simple as that.

Doppstadt says that power loss is minimal with 300hp being available at the pto. At an engine speed of 2100 pto speed is 1000 rpm.

Engagement of the pto is also simple. No bank of clutches here, a hydraulic ram just pushes out an idler pulley to tension the belts. Speed of engagement can be adjusted by altering the speed of the rams extension.

Three-point linkage

Machinery is attached to the Grizzly by a conventional three-point linkage with the added bonus of a hydraulically extending top link.

For the operator, a comfortable, air conditioned cab is standard and, in reverse drive at least, vision to an attached implement is virtually unimpaired.


Engine: DAF 6-cyl 320hp

Transmission: 4-speed hydrostatic

Top speed: 30kph

Pto: 1000rpm, 300hp

Linkage max lift: 7760kg

Introduced to the UK last year, the Trac 160 is now available with four-wheel steer for crab, front and rear only steer modes. A management control can be programmed to activate four wheel steer when, say, turning on the headland with a plough before returning to front only when back in the furrow. Reverse drive operating position can now also be specified.

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