Bed-tiller range is expanded

15 January 1999

Bed-tiller range is expanded

KVERNELAND has expanded its range of bed-tillers with the addition of the 2m GS 200 and 4m GS 400 models.

On both machines, primary soil cultivation is carried out by a powered cultivator – pto driven at 540rpm – its rotor fitted with spirally mounted tines. The degree of soil conditioning can be varied through the use of a three speed, lever change, gearbox rated at 180hp for the 2m model and 250hp for the 4m version.

The bed-former is mounted at the rear of the cutivator by a bridge link system which is allowed to pivot on mounts adjacent to the tractor link arm pins.

This arrangement is designed to allow straightforward adjustments of the bed-formers operating depth, or a float position to be selected.

Bed-formers, available in shearbolt or auto-reset versions, are adjustable to produce beds from 1.5m – 2m (5-6ft 6in) and can be fitted with a shearbolt protected, adjustable depth sub-soiler leg.

working ahead of the mouldboards.

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