Beef cattle steady to falling

Wednesday, 4 January, 1998

By FWi staff

FINISHED cattle prices were mixed at markets across England and Wales yesterday (Tuesday), according to the Meat and Livestock Commission.

The average price for all cattle eased slightly to 0.56p to 87.38p/ kg. But this masked a price fall for male animals at the lighter end of the scale and steadier prices for heifers.

At selected MLC markets, light steers averaged 79.44/ kg (-8.27p), medium steers 85.61p/ kg (-1.73p), and heavy steers 87.66p/ kg (-0.53p).

Light young bulls averaged 89.70p/ kg (-2.40p), medium young bulls 93.52 (+0.51p), and heavy young bulls 93.06p/ kg (-0.10p).

According to auctioneers Alder King, vendors must give buyers up to two weeks to move slaughter stock if lean bullocks are to be sold for better prices.

Farm-assured cattle continue to fetch better prices. Commercial bullocks at Avon Livestock Centre averaged 85-90p/ kg, said auctioneer Peter Kingwill.

Heifer prices remained similar to last week. Light heifers averaged 84.97p/ kg (+1.10p), medium heifers 86.38p/ kg (-0.31p) and heavy heifers (-0.09p).

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