Beef producers to receive balance

By FWi staff

ENGLISH beef farmers are shortly to receive the balance of payments for 1999 Suckler Cow Premium, Beef Special Premium and Beef Transitional Agrimonetary Compensation payments, announced by agriculture minister Nick Brown on Monday.

Extensification payments will also be made to eligible farmers.

Mr Brown said extensification and first tranche beef agrimonetary compensation payments under both the Suckler Cow Premium and Beef Special Premium Schemes are due to get underway in early April.

“By Mid-April we expect to have made payments on suckler cows of around 44 million, benefiting some 20,000 producers and around 30 million to some 36,000 producers claiming Beef Special Premium,” said Mr Brown.

The 1999 rate of SCP is 103.04/cow and the balance payment will be 41.21/cow.

Rates for BSP payments in the same period are 96 for bulls and 77.30 for steers with the remaining 40% balance paid at 38.40 for bulls and 30.92 for steers.

Final payments will be made for beef Transitional Agrimonetary Compensation to beef producers to compensate for cuts in SCP and BSP resulting from the new agrimonetary system introduced last year.

Made at reducing rates over three years the first of these payments will be made at 14.46 for SCPS with a final instalment of 5.78.

First and second premium steers will be paid 10.42, final instalment at 4.15, bull premium at 12.94 and a final payment of 5.16.

Producers eligible for an extensification premium will be paid 36.98/animal where stocking density is less than 1.0 livestock units/ha plus Extensification TAC of 4.44 per animal.

If the stocking rate is higher, but less than 1.4 LU per hectare, a lower payment of 25.60/animal plus Extensification TAC of 3.08/animal is made.

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