Beet producers receive extra 2.50/ tonne

Friday, 13 March, 1998

by FW reporters

SUGAR beet growers will receive £2.50 more for each adjusted tonne of contracted beet delivered this campaign, assuming there are no green rate changes before the end of the sugar year in June.

The interim price for contracted beet was set at £30.17/ tonne but the extra money will bring the beet price nearer £33/ tonne. Payments for ‘C’ grade beet are about £15 per adjusted tonne.

About two-thirds of the extra money will be paid in April with the balance to be paid in November.

Final sugar production for 1996 is expected to exceed the previous seasons record of 1.47 million tonnes. Growers achieved a record yield of almost 56 adjusted tonnes per hectare — up 5.6% on 1996.

Provisional figures show sugar content averaged 17.17%, down from 18.04% the previous season. Dirt and crown tares were lower, at 5.45% and 7.15%. Amino-nitrogen content was slightly higher than in 1996.

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