Beet will stay profitable analyst

31 October 2001

Beet will stay profitable analyst

By Gilly Johnson

SUGAR beet will remain profitable even after the European Union sugar regime is dismantled, claims an EU policy analyst.

Growers should not be alarmed by moves to remove support measures, said Eurincos Robert Gooch, at IACR-Brooms Barn on Tuesday (30 October).

Sugar beet quotas could be phased out between 2006 and 2010, bringing the EU price, currently double world price, down to open market levels.

But Mr Gooch said he was confident that the EU will make compensation payments to growers, as happened with cereals and oilseeds.

Remember, there has never been any reform in the CAP where price cuts have been put through without compensation, he pointed out.

Youll still be able to grow sugar beet at a profit.

Beet payments would be linked to base level of individual farm quota that was formerly held, and would be added to IACS, Mr Gooch predicted.


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