Belgian farm crisis reverberates outside Europe

08 June 1999

Belgian farm crisis reverberates outside Europe

BELGIUMS farm crisis brought about by contaminated feedstock has
begun to have implications for the European Unions trade with the rest
of the world.

Malaysia banned imports of all meat and dairy products from the
European Union (EU) following a similar decision in Singapore and a
prohibition by the US on imports of EU poultry and pig products.

Hong Kong has ordered the suspension of meat and dairy sales from
Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Other countries mainly target products from Belgium, where most of
the contaminated feed, containing dioxin, a cancer-causing chemical,
was distributed. Taiwan said it was planning to ban Belgian dairy
products, while Thailand said it was likely to restrict food imports
from Belgium soon.

The European Commission said 390 cattle holdings, 746 pig holdings
and 440 poultry holdings may have bought the feed.

It has instructed countries to remove from sale any food that may
have been affected by contaminated cattle feed. Chicken, eggs, beef,
milk and pork are affected.

Fevia, the Belgian food industry association, estimates the scare
could cost its members BFR20bn (ú3.2bn).

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