Belgium criticised over food scare

10 June 1999

Belgium criticised over food scare

THE European Commission (EC) has warned that contaminated food might still be on sale in Belgium despite assurances by the Belgian government that it is not.

Commission officials have accused the Belgian government of not doing enough to prevent the circulation of health-threatening products.

The ECs warnings came as Belgian authorities prepared to ease restrictions on the sale of pig and cattle products following last weeks dioxin food scare.

A ban on the slaughter of chickens has already been lifted.

The commission said Belgium had failed to fully implement an order to trace and destroy food that might have been contaminated by the cancer-causing chemical dioxin found in some Belgian animal feed.

The commission has already threatened legal action over Belgiums response to the scare and wants to see all dairy products removed until there is proof they are safe.

It also indicated that more pork products should be removed from sale unless there was proof they were from uncontaminated farms.

Denmark has joined Germany and France in banning some Belgian foods.

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